By Ross Farrell, Greenstone Landscapes

Yes it is Ireland, but does it matter when it comes to Outdoor Entertainment? The answer is simply no, not in the slightest. The solution to outdoor entertainment in Ireland is good design which ultimately leads to a structure that is extremely practical on all fronts. From roofing, heating, doors and windows to name but a few. Most of our clients in general have very different outlooks on how they want to use their outdoor space, whether its to be a semi-open room or a fully enclosed room. Perhaps just a simple canopy roof over a seating/BBQ area.

Outdoor Entertainment in Ireland



Design is so important as it needs to work with the brief at hand and the space available outside making sure the balance works very well between all aspects of surrounding structures. Planning can be an issue here, but there’s no need to be afraid. We have all the answers on what’s allowed without planning, and what planning is required for your entertainment room. We provide full drawings for all projects with all details required along with 3d images like the image below to help you gain a full understanding of whats involved.




Aspect is hugely important in all design. Lets face it we don’t get fantastic heat in Ireland so to maximise sunlight is an important part of garden life We pay particular  attention to bringing sun into your garden room as much as possible, as this is where you will be entertaining.










Heating comes into play when the sun goes down and the slight chill comes into the air. Most of our heating systems work off mains electricity with the flick of a switch. It’s important not to overload the system as some heaters are very powerful and can trip out the mains board, so in some instances a secondary board would be required.




Another great and relatively cheap option is a mains gas fire. Either a central table fire or hole in wall fire works wonders to keep the bones warm in the evenings.



Lighting can help create a soothing, relaxing space, or a party atmosphere. Lets not forget ambience, the key factor to any good party. All lighting is about subtlety, lighting up specific features outside and creating a nice mood setting, depending on the ambience of the particular evening.



We design all our own lighting systems whether they are app-controlled or simply switched from in the room or from inside the house. Generally there are a few circuits to play with creating various mood settings whether its full party mode or simply relaxing in a quieter surround. We can also supply all furniture required to make it as comfortable as possible.


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