North County Dublin

This house in Castleknock, North County Dublin had a well-used deck which served its time in this garden and was now at a point where it was very dangerous. Along with the deck to be removed in this brief, the rest of the brief was to create an area that could be used for entertaining, dining and chilling out.

A split level area was created which separated the dining area from the chill out area. As the client liked the idea of a wood finish we chose a wood effect porcelain tile to be used on the main upper surface which also worked with the floor inside the house creating a seamless flow from inside to out. On the lower chill out area the surface was finished with a cream limestone with a back drop of dark slate cladding on the large fireplace wall. The boundary wall was painted a dark navy to contrast with the green of the planting. Glass paneling was used around the sunken area to help prevent wind entering the area to allow for extra comfort.

Colourful planting was used throughout with multistem specimen trees creating the foliage canopy over the centrepiece.

Wall lighting, step lighting and small spot lights helped create a cosy ambiance for all evening parties.

Date: 11 October 2014