Clean Lines Garden

1st August 2014

This garden is packed with wonderful design ideas.
The client wanted a garden with clean lines and no fuss and no grass. As it is a new house there was a lot of concrete so plenty of mature planting was needed for the back walls especially. There is a large top terrace, and to break this up visually (without using lawn), we created planting strips, using saxifragia (small alpine plant), with a water rill in the center leading the eye up to an enclosed gazebo.
The water rill had 3 little water spouts to create movement. The gazebo had its own lighting system and heat lamps. The middle terrace contained a water blade with structured planting. The water blade catches the eye as you enter the front door of the house.
The 2 sculpture pieces at the rear of the garden were chosen by the client to give height and colour through the coloured glass.
Strip lighting is used under the wall capping to light the garden at night