Contemporary Pool and Jacuzzi Killiney

Contemporary Pool & Jacuzzi

Date: 13th June 2015

The brief : an outdoor pool and contemporary feel with block planting. Simple, well sounds simple but with the size of the space we had to deal with a large challenge awaited! With the existing levels the way they were the only option was to create a pool half in the ground and half out of the ground giving an elevated effect from the lower garden level. From the house strong lines of white porcelain run through the composite deck along the pool side giving a real feeling of length and definition. The focal point from the house was a stone wall with the water fall. The pump house was housed behind this wall out of sight. The jacuzzi on the left boundary reaches 32 degrees and the pool 28 degrees so great for year round use.
Two large symmetrical sets of steps were built either end of the deck allowing access down to the garden level. The existing magnolia hedge linked the steps. An outdoor kitchen was built along side the pool which contains a large beefeater bbq, a bespoke garden fire and a drinks fridge. The structure was selected from italy which is completely remote control with a selection of mood lighting, retractable roof and curtain sides. This covers the whole outdoor kitchen area and is also ready for year round use. The stone used throughout is white exterior porcelain which is very low maintenance. The block planting consists of carpinus betulus pleached panels, portugese laurel hedging, agapanthus, lavender, hydrangea annabelle, geranium and choisya aztec pearl