Donnybrook Orchard

Donnybrook, Dublin 4

Greenstone Landscape’s brief was to completely overhaul this overgrown Donnybrook garden while keeping the character elements such as the beautiful old orchard wall on the left.
The focal point of the new garden is a dry limestone wall with central sheet of perspex mounted off the wall as a water feature. An avenue of carpinus betulus trees planted on either side of the garden will on maturation lead the eye directly to the water feature. Steel gates were custom made at either side to allow rear access.
The garden’s orchard history was kept alive by building a garden wall on the right one to match the old one.
Limestone paving was used throughout for all patio areas.
Scroll down to see the most recent photos of this garden – taken 6 years after the originals, and demonstrating how the garden has beautifully matured.