block planting dundrum


A very simple but elegant driveway with rustic hard-wearing materials. Block planting around the perimeter creates softness while the hardwood paneling on the boundary creates a nice backdrop

Contemporary driveway with olive trees, grasses, rosemary and agapanthus

This Booterstown driveway was a very tight space with a large incline which needed to be redesigned to fit 2 cars and motorbike ramp. The whole driveway was excavated, removing 80 tonnes, to allow a new central set of steps be incorporated. The new steps are reclaimed granite to work with the existing step at the front door. Raised planters were used to retain previous levels and strong planting is used for more privacy and colour throughout the year. The motor bike ramp allows the bike to be stored at the side of the house so it doesn’t take up space on the main driveway. Lighting is used on a photocell to enhance the whole project in the dark hours​