Garden Diary and Outdoor Kitchen

Terenure, South Dublin

Greenstone Landscapes completely cleared and re-landscaped to create a Garden Diary and Outdoor Kitchen. We built a new sandstone patio and replanted the garden with mature trees and shrubs. The final set of photos was taken just one year after landscaping was completed to show the full beauty of this garden.

Customer reference for Greenstone Landscapes
By Eimear O’Broin from Terenure, South Dublin City

20th July 2006

When was the work done?
May to June 2006.
What was involved?
After doing a very good job on our smaller front garden, we hired Ross to do the much larger back garden. Before Ross could begin with the new design, he had to completely clear the back garden including a lot of mature shrubs and trees. Once that was done he completely restructured the rear garden. He built a patio area, three terraced lawns and raised beds. He also replanted the garden with mature trees and shrubs and built a pergola at the back of the garden.
How did you choose Greenstone Landscapes?
I was referred to Greenstone by a colleague at work who gave them a very high recommendation. I was also able to see examples of their work beforehand.
Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to Ross Farrell?
We did for the front garden but not for the back. Ross did the complete design for the back garden himself. He showed us computer drawings of what he had in mind, and we agreed.
Did Ross introduce new ideas?
Definitely. In truth we had never considered clearing the whole back garden and starting over. Originally we were just looking to enhance what was already there. Ross suggested, and I think quite rightly, to start afresh.
How did the project run?
Very well. Ross completed everything in the agreed timeframe. It was a 6 week project and Ross always kept us up to date on the progress and what they would be doing next.
What was the biggest benefit to you of using Greenstone Landscapes?
Again, and I don’t mean this in a simple way, Ross does what he says he will do. A lot of contractors don’t always deliver what they say, but Ross does, and we now have an absolutely stunning back garden.
He’s very professional and very reliable. His team worked very hard and they were very friendly, which makes a difference during a big project like this.
What’s your favourite part now?
Ross has opened up the garden from different perspectives. We have a long garden, about 160 feet, and in the past we would have always spent our time at the house end looking out on the garden. Whereas now it’s very enjoyable to sit at the far end of the garden and look back on the house. The back of the garden is now a very interesting, very nice place to be.
Would you recommend Greenstone Landscapes to others?
Any tips for other people?
Go and have a look at as many designs and gardens as you can. It’s very difficult to visualize something on a piece of paper, especially when selecting brick, stone and plants. Ross showed us gardens he had designed and took us to nurseries where he explained which plants would work well and give colour throughout the year. We also took Ross’s advice and went with mature shrubs, which meant we were able to have a ready made garden this summer instead of having to wait until next year.

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