Garden with Raised Patio

Rathfarnham, Dublin 14

This garden makeover with a raised patio didn’t just change the appearance of this garden – it seemed to make it bigger too! A raised patio at the rear of the garden in white stone added brightness and depth to the garden. A cosy seating area closer to the house, water feature raised beds and beautiful planting all completed the picture. Scroll down to see more recent photos of garden, 3 years after the makeover.

Customer reference for Greenstone Landscapes
By Janet C from Rathfarnham, Dublin 14

26th July 2011

The work was done in the summer of 2010.

We have a moderately sized garden with an unusual shape, it’s short but wide. I wanted Ross to design a garden that would look more proportional. Ross completely redesigned and structurally changed the garden. It was a big job with a lot of structural work and it took about six weeks to complete. For example, there was a lot of core material that had to be brought in to do the patio and a third of the garden was slabbed and walled.
Ross also modified our existing deck to fit with the design of the new garden. The rest of the garden was dug up and replanted. One thing I really appreciated about Ross was that he was able to save and transplant some plants I was very fond of. The final work that Ross did was an area where we eat outside – that space has been totally transformed.

Ross was recommended to me through family connections. I had seen work that he had carried out and I was aware of his good reputation.

There were three elements I definitely wanted to be changed, I wanted the short but wide garden to feel more proportional and I wanted a patio area at the back. After that, it was more about what ideas Ross could come up with on his own.

He did. I had been thinking of a level garden because the garden sloped down toward the back wall but Ross had the idea of not only leveling the ground but raising up the patio area in the back. The raised patio area really stands out and the garden feels more proportional than it did before.

Excellent, really good. Ross and his team were like clockwork, they would arrive early in the morning and only leave when the work for that day was completed. Nobody ever left early, they took minimum breaks and were very neat and tidy. I had no worries having them around the house. Everyone was very pleasant to deal with and talk to and the workmanship was very good.

I have a room outside. It’s such a pleasant place to go to now and it has drawn the rest of the family outside to participate in the garden where they wouldn’t have before. One of the kids is planting vegetables while another is growing flowers. The vegetable garden wasn’t part of the original brief but as the project went along, we decided to leave a patch of ground in a little walled area next to the patio for planting. We’re very glad we did and it turned out lovely. We have lettuce, beetroot and rhubarb growing there now.

I would have to say the raised patio area. I just love sitting out on the deck and looking at it.

Absolutely and without a doubt. We’re thrilled with what Ross did for us and I would recommend him to anybody.

Think carefully about what you want but don’t be too rigid with regards to your own ideas. Let your imagination go and be willing to talk to others to get their advice and ideas. There are other ways of looking at things and some of those ideas may be better.

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