Malahide Project

The clients on this project were renovating the house and wanted to create a garden with strong visual impact, contemporary planting, low maintenance, golf, dining and cooking station.
As the back of the house was all glass floor to ceiling it was important to choose the right material to be used on the ground so we went with a porcelain wood tile which created a seamless flow
from inside the house to the garden as we matched the material inside. The meant pouring a concrete slab outside to be able to bond the tiles to. This method of the paving/tiling is a job for life. It was also important not to have the golf section as the main focal point so a large curved line of pleached trees was used to separate the main lawn from the putting green which sweeps around the back of the garden. The trees now became the focal point.
Most of the sun is on the right side of the garden so the tiled terrace sweeps around this side of the garden and at the end, the cooking station is positioned which includes a canopy roof, bbq, tv and beer keg.
All surfaces in this garden are extremely low maintenance with synthetic grass lawns, synthetic putting green, porcelain tiles which are non-porous and a planting scheme that requires minimal work.