Water Garden Dublin 14

Modern Water Garden

Date: 1st August 2014

A strong, stylish design for this modern water garden in Dublin city. Black granite paving complements a tiered fountain and timber seating.

Customer reference for Greenstone Landscapes by Aidan Kennedy from Dublin

When was the work done?
The work was carried out in mid to late August 2009.

What was involved?
The brief was to construct a patio with steps down to a lawn with borders of shrubs or flowers and some form of feature including suggestions for lighting.

How did you choose Greenstone Landscapes?
We invited three locally based landscapers from pickapro.ie to provide some ideas and a quote. While each landscaper was very personable and impressed, Ross’s design stood out and had a “wow” factor about it.

Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to Ross Farrell?
We had a basic idea of what we wanted but wanted to get some professional input.

Did Ross introduce new ideas?
Yes, Ross’s idea of a diagonal patio layout to catch the sun, feature coloured walls, floating benches and simple water fountain were ideas we would not have necessarily thought of ourselves. He was able to tailor his initial design to match more closely our budget without fundamentally altering the main aspects of the design that had attracted us to his ideas.

How did the project run?
Very well. Ross’s team arrived promptly every morning at 07:30, rain or shine, and completed the project in a timely and non intrusive manner, without interruption and on budget.

What was the biggest benefit to you of using Greenstone Landscapes?
We now have a professionally designed back garden which stands out and available for us to enjoy year round.

What’s your favourite part now?
Looking out of the kitchen window onto the garden gives great pleasure and complements our recent house extension. We have received many compliments from family, friends and neighbours and now we have a garden to be proud of and to use for entertainment.

Would you recommend Greenstone Landscapes to others?
Without hesitation.

Any tips for other people?
Get a few ideas and quotes from various landscapers. Be open to new ideas and go with your instincts. If you can, try and stretch the budget to get something special. Consider lighting so you can enjoy the garden at night time.

As Emailed to Pickapro on 5th November 2009