Newbridge Garden

Newbridge, Co Kildare

A large dangerous rotten deck in this Newbridge Garden covered the back of this property was hazardous due to rotting and subsidence. The whole site is bog land so some engineering techniques had to come into operation to prevent further subsidence.

Our client required a large entertainment space to stretch across the property over to the garden bar, making all areas link. As the house is elevated, a lot of concrete was required to prevent the new walls subsiding and the new sub base from moving under the weight. The solution was to use a geo-textile mesh to spread the 150 ton load before all the finished surfaces were applied.
The main surface is limestone with a texture change of resin bound pebble to help break up the 400 metre squared on the new terrace area. A large brick wall was constructed to act as a wind break and new steps were built to access the area from different points around the garden. Glass ballustrades were used along the edge to modernise and make the terrace safe.