Porcelain panels

A retired couple requested a very low maintenance garden with a simple approach that they could enjoy throughout the year and have continuous interest throughout the day and night.

The existing garden as a concrete jungle containing mainly concrete slabs and dashed walls with an old shed in the corner.

The design approach was to use materials that required minimal maintenance and were preferably non porous. For the boundary walls we used 1.5x.5 meter porcelain panels to clad all boundaries. This prevented any efflorescence showing on the walls like you would see on a painted wall. On the back wall we used 3×1 meter porcelain panels as the main feature. The most visible shed wall and the feature wall on the opposite side of the garden was clad in a product called airslate which gave a more natural feel to the overall scheme, especially from viewing through the kitchen window.
Planting contained a splash of colour either side of the garden and along the back wall cylinder crown evergreen oaks were used between the large panels.

Wall and ground lights were used for mood settings in the evening highlighting all the features