Small Gardens

A small city garden where the sun shines all day was totally impractical for the owners. A floating paved terrace was created outside the kitchen window with the family bike store situated underneath. A very simple layout using Portugese Granite, glass and iroko and simple planting to screen passers by on the main road makes this little space very user friendly all year round

The house was completely open plan so the garden was essentially part of the interior so the flow had to seamless. A strong line on the the left side containing planting beds with a hardwood seat in the middle draws the eye to a simple water feature at the rear. Black/blue limestone was used on the ground with a trim of travertine taking in the central paved surface and the synthetic lawn. Lush planting gives this courtyard year round interest.

A small garden where the owners wanted little to no maintenance. Hardwood paneling and seating combined with porcelain paving and simple planting make this garden another room on to the house to be enjoyed all year round.

15th January 2015

An existing rotten deck was removed with a new permanent wood print porcelain plank used to create a year round terrace. It was completed with seating, lighting, planting and heating.

A small city L-shaped garden with a strong focal of marble mosaic wall with recess detail and bespoke kidney bean seats. Panelled limestone paving with lush planting are used to create a walkway to pure relaxation